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quasiamour [userpic]

I Can't Wait For Winter

August 20th, 2011 (10:11 pm)

The sun must have some sort of unresolved case with me. It must desire revenge of some sort if it's burning me likes this! Not literally but it's still scorching. The hot air wraps you like a second skin and your sweat seeps out of it like rain. Compared to this, I like snow much better. Even if it's cuz it's Vancouer and it's usually half ice and half rain

I can't wait to wear scarves and coats and gloves and boots again.

I don't want flip fops anymore, bye bye shorts.

quasiamour [userpic]

Nothing's Fishy

June 19th, 2011 (07:02 pm)

First, inform I must, of my situation, to the person who is reading this. I am feeling quite comfortable, sitting on this soft couch, typing away... I have just woken up from a lazy and needed nap and feeling somewhat parched and thirsty I feel quite content. Imagine, if I was either cat or kitty. this would all be in a purr. Purrrrrrrrrr. The screen's so bright it's somewhat too much for my dilated pupils but I must tell someone how I feel right now, give me a glass of milk and oreos and I'll feel like four again. No worries.
Finally, nothing's wrong. My mind's hazy to the point (maybe I'm on drugs, gasp) I can't register much wrong right now. And that's if you get my title... something's fishy - something's wrong... nothing's fishy, hence, nothing's wrong.

Yes, all is right with this world.

Imma get my oreos and milk now. Screw the calories I'm not worried about.

quasiamour [userpic]

Come, another day

June 19th, 2011 (08:16 am)

Rain rain go away, come another day?

Or however that song was supposed to go.

It's been raining these past few days, and I am completely elated over those grayish colourless miniscule blobs that fall out of the sky. For one thing, it's a lot cooler, and the other, I get to use my umbrella.
It's a pretty thing --- by that I mean both the rain and the umbrella. Fine, rain itself is not pretty, but isn't the idea of it just lovely? Tears falling out of the heavens, strings of crystal beads descending from overladen clouds...... it's the things you could twist the rain and raindrops into that makes it beautiful. In my opinion, that is.
Soooo, to my umbrella, it's quite cute, white polka dots on a black canvas with delicate mass-produced ruffles around the brim. I feel big under it like how the frog felt big in his little well. In the rain, my umbrella creates another world. Somehow, the moment I lift it up above my head, an invisible curtain sets over me and the world, I am in my own little world. Here I can observe undisturbed:
watch water fall out of the sky, watch it dribble and slide through the air until its sliding down the dusty streets, pooling into mirrors along the sidewalks. My umbrella lets me exist in all this, while being completely out of it. Walking along the streets, everyone's face is partly covered... the anonymity makes you feel safe, even warm.
But the rain's even lovelier when I don't have my umbrella. Then I'm drowning. Covered in misty droplets my glasses are blurred to the point where I become blind. I have my senses, I can feel the moist air between the intervals of raindrops, I can feel my damp clothes touching my skin, enveloping, not quite sticking. And you can hear. Hear them fall, hundreds by hundreds, pit pat pit pat pit pat everywhere. Rain washes away everything, sight, mind, direction.

Rain don't go away? (but I know you will)
so come another day.

quasiamour [userpic]

Well... it's been a while

June 16th, 2011 (11:16 pm)
current song: Yoga lin

I haven't posted anything in ages... haven't thought about this (livejournal) in ages either.

Somehow, I've realized I don't like complicated things. Also, I have a problem with numbers.
Complicated things meaning people relationships, shoelaces, knots, and world geography. Perhaps also the opposite gender, but I'd really rather not think about that right now.
Numbers does not mean math. I don't have a problem with math, just telephone numbers. I can't believe it's been like 5 months and I am still unable to remember my own cellphone number (hence, the great guffaws of laughter that erupts everytime I peer at the digits I've taped to the back of my cellphone). Now, if that doesn't make you feel lame, then what does? I'm not saying that in an entirely negative context though, it's just one of the things that've been happening.

It's also ridiculously hot. The other day was 33 degrees and I had p.e.
I was ready to faint --- nearly literally.
Apparently, I'm the only one with such a weak tolerance for the heat.

Another thing: A typhoon nearly struck where I lived. Or Taipei, rather. And even though the word "typhoon" sounds so big and scary, it's actually just supposed to be a humungous rainstorm that kids all love cuz we get to miss school. Unfortunately, it just happened to just sail pass Taipei during the weekends, so instead of getting a day of school, I was stuck at home listening to the rain. It sounded pretty though, so I guess I didn't really mind that either.

My term test is coming up, dang dang dang. GAH I absolutely detest Geography, it brings my mark down. Math brings my mark down too, but that part's more alright, since out of the nine classes in my grade, none of the class average reaches above 60. In other words, it's usually in extremes, you either get 80 to 90, or 10-30. I'm somewhere in the middle, and that's just exasperating, since I get how to do the question, but I always run out of time to check my work, and it's always the addition and subtraction that gets me. That makes you feel like an idiot. Especially when the ridiculously smart chubby dude who's kinda your friend from the next door class waves his 90 in your face. Not on purpose of course.

Surprisingly, my Chinese actually isn't bad, with some effort put into it. I'm above average on tests cuz I study.

I don't even know what I'm writing, bleh. Or typing, for that matter.
I desperately want to be in the top 4 of my class, since it doesn't really mean anything to be fifth (since only the top four never changes).

I was seventh last time, and fifth the time before that. I need to improve, seriously.

quasiamour [userpic]

Man, it's like i haven't posted in forever

May 5th, 2011 (10:00 am)
current song: The River - Good Charlotte

I don't like my journal layout.

Anyways, I haevn't posted anything in ages, though I guess my excuse can be that I'd rather post something worthwhile rather than posting something not worth posting.
Though a definition of that could most probably something I'd able to spend hours going over.
Another update on my life here.
Recently, there's been this cheap steakhouse that's opened near where I live. It's been a few weeks now, and everytime I pass by the store during lunch and dinner times it's packed with people. I suppose it's the novelty. I have the impression restaurants like these are more of an american thing --- it is, actually, this store "Mr. Steak" is a chain from America.
Anyways, I ate there. It was quite a coincidence really, since my mom and I were going to go eat somewhere, and we passed by there around 10 seconds before it opened (did I mention there were already people waiting outside?), but anyways, the door opened, and they called out to people who arrived in pairs. Then my mom and I decided to give this place a try.
My opinion? It's cheap, for one thing, but the meat is like....yuck, not very good. It's not bad, certainly, but not good. Everything there, the bread, the fries, are extremely greasy. I won't be going there again, but nevertheless, it was an experience of sorts.

Something funny:
When the steak arrived on my table, there was this small round scoop of mashed potatos beside my steak, which was beside some sauces and greasy bread and oily fries.  and atop the small round hill of potato was a minature american flag. The symbol of their country admist such a display. Indeed, a lovely representation for americans. Pile on the fat and grease, will ya?
On another note, I'm also american, and I'd like to think of mself as leaning on the chubby side, and it's fine to laugh at oneself, no?

quasiamour [userpic]


April 3rd, 2011 (05:27 pm)
current song: Maroon 5 - Misery

Jolly day, isn't it? BTW my keyboard is broken, so I am rendered unable to type the 3rd letter of the alphabet --- forgive me, I'll suppose I'll have to use "K"
Anyways, I've kome to the konklusion that I'm not an interesting person. I mean, it's been a horrible blow and all, but maybe I should akkept it. Honestly, I kan't make people laugh, I shut everything out with my headphones, my self-proklaimed arroganke annoys people (or so I like to think, in plake of just plain bad EQ).
Well, I went to a library today. Despite it's lakk of books (ironik, after all, it is a library) but I love it's huge windows and spiraling stairs. And so I stayed there. For a few hours. 
Man, how I wish I was Frenkh. I think all too well of myself.

Note to self: Makbooks are not they're krakked up to be. 

Anyways, on my way bakk home, my mind started wandering. 
I feel so small, so tiny. 

On another note, this term test, I plaked fifth in my klass of 32 people. 

I wanna eat ike-kream
Kuba and Ikeland --- Ike Kubes 
God bless Russell Peters


Golly, I think I'm going nuts

quasiamour [userpic]

Writer's Block: Puttin' it on wax

March 23rd, 2011 (04:00 pm)

If you decided to start a band, what would you name your first album?

Taped Window Glasses
- Blurry but you can sill see

quasiamour [userpic]

Console me, reject me, befriend me?

March 10th, 2011 (09:10 am)

current location: Taipei
current mood: down, depressed, determined?
current song: Mr. Brightside, the Killers

I want to go home.
I'm so homesick.
Somebody save me.
God, help me.

I'm gonna stay here.
I'm stronger than this.
Cheer me on?
Thank you.

- Always more Canadian (or American) than Taiwanese
(Maybe I've got my ethnic roots wrong? I don't care. To me, I'm not foreign, Taiwan is)
I know I'll get through this, I will I will I will.
So help me. Think of me, and maybe I'll know (and maybe I won't know), and I'll feel better.

P.S. I met him. The person who I haven't met in almost four years.
My friend goes to the same cram school as him, and we met yesterday at 10 pm after my cram school was over. We agreed to meet in front of my cram school, so I stood there. And then I saw a person walking towards the entrance, and then just standing there, wearing a duan hua school uniform (he goes to duan hua), but I didn't think it was him.
But then after a few minutes, he came up to me and asked "Excuse me, but are you Yeh Jia Ni?"
He looks so different. He says I look different? We didn't even recognize each other.
Anyways, this is something worthy of note.

Really, I've just realized how selfish I am. (don't mind that this has popped out of nowhere, just mind that it's true. I guess.)

quasiamour [userpic]

Life undefined

March 3rd, 2011 (09:41 am)

current mood: moody

So much stuff to say that I don't know what to say.
Well, first off,
Taiwan is different
Than Canada?
Much much different.

Guh, my brain feels like a pile of compiled squished spaghetti and brain matter mush.

I'm fatigued and sleepy, or are those words so similiar in meaning they fail to express much crammed in the same four word sentence? People here are so perverted, they think I'm innocent --- I beg to differ. Problem? I can't even say "I beg to differ" well, or even sensibly in Chinese. Well, they just joke about the innocent part, cuz you know, they don't really know. And it's mostly guys who are perverted, and I get easily embarassed. I think I've almost gotten used to it though, I can now concentrate on homework with (older junior high) guys discussing porn behind my back (literally). I feel mildy, slightly ashamed of myself for doing this for around fifteen minutes before the brilliant idea of telling them not to talk about stuff like that (this was a small study room in cram school). They at least looked sheepish. One of them was pretty cute.
Did I just say that?
Well, not cute exactly, he's nice, and the less perverted of them, and in the end actually, they helped me with my chemistry and chinese homework --- oh yeah, and math. They were smart.

One thing that bothers me is the age barrier here, like one grade makes a huge difference, since they seperate the different grades so acutely --- heck, forget different grades, forget the high school section, I barely know people in other classes (unless through cram school) since you stay with the same class of 30 people for the 3 years you're in junior high.

Another thing that bothers me to no extent is the matter of "self-conciousness", I mean I've always took pride in the fact that I'm weird, or at least a fraction out of the norm (or is this just me flattering myself?) but here I feel self-concious. Mostly just the clothes.
Easy right? I can just you know.... wear the same ugly smugly snuggly stuff I wear to school and back and not change... but I dun't wanna. for the first week I wore my uniform to cram school and all that blah --- so why not?
Now that I think about it, I'm thinking that it's maybe because of what something my friend said when I told her that I was gonna go to the God-forsaken place that God named Taiwan (neither of those statements vaguely true, but who's keeping count?), "You're gonna become so... Taiwan." Take note, that was said in a joking voice, but I think I was (and am) worried about that too, like, "I'm gonna start looking like a nerd dressed in jeans as flattering as a meatbun."
Speaking of meatbuns, I just had one for breakfast.
Well that was a slightly exagerrated version, not like meatbuns, I'll clarify here. My queer (or funky, as they like to say) sense of style was already a teensy bit queer in Canada, so nonetheless to say, it's weirder here admist the sea of hideous uniforms. I feel like I'm exagerrating a bit again though, but I don't know how else to put it. I know I'll probably fit in better if I could act more "Taiwan", but you know, I've always considered myself more Canadian (and even more American) than Chinese. What's the purpose of fitting in? Getting along with people? <----- I suppose I'd need help with that. 

So what's the purpose of all this ramble?

I'm homesick.


quasiamour [userpic]

I"m so tired. Everything's just messed up.

February 17th, 2011 (09:12 am)
current location: school, taipei
current song: NO MUSICCCCCC

Actually, I'm having a good time here. I'm exhausted but I'm learning a loooottt!
But honestly? Homework here is utterly crazy. Take this:
School starts at 7:30 and ends at 5:00 normally. After that at around 6:30 I have supplementary classes (I NEED THEM. And everyone else goes anyways, usually for chemistry there's more than 80 people). There's so much stuff i need to catch up on and I barely have any time to just cope up with what everyone else has! (completely disregarding how much I am behind in subjects like, say math) I find it a bit sad how our gr.9 math is (approximately) infinitely easier than their grade 8 math.

Yeah. Everything's just going real swell.

And on another note,
We can't wear earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets.
And their uniform is HIDEOUS. UGHHhhhh It's almost depressing how ugly it is. Luckily, I'm taking all of this in stride *cough * cough*. Like there clothes are extremely baggy, a cross of something between of very ugly and baggy sports uniforms and my pajamas. Except even my pajamas look better than my uniform.
Shoes are the only thing they don't strictly regulate (provided you wear sneakers and no ankle socks. Wait, is that a regulation or am I being brainwashed?) so the nicest thing girls wear is their shoes. I must've seen over a hundred variations of converse in the past few days.
Did I mention how much I love converse?

Another thing. I miss good music. GUH. I haven't had time to listen to any decent stuff in the past 4 days and it's driving me nuts. The piano in the music room at this school is the crappiest thing I have ever attempted to play (like the piano is literally falling apart. I am not exagerrating whatsoever. My comment on me missing decent music partly has to do with me hearing no distinguishable song but one --- Only You by Alan Show.
By all means, it's not a horrible song.
But it's not a great one either.

Somebody save me.

--------------------------------------------- I was going to end here. But then I realized that would make me sound like I wanted to go back to Canada.

It's true, partly. But by nature I am a very competitive person, and I just can't stand knowing that the people in my class are ahead of me in academics, that's why I'm working my butt off (for the first time in my life) and almost enjoying it.

Life is messed up.

P.S. This is typed in Computer Class. This is how much time I don't have. Between homework and supplmentary classes I usually get off at 7:30 each morning and get home at 10:30 pm. I have school on a SATURDAY (for reason I don't really feel like explaning right now, but it's the same fro everyone in this school). And I plan to go to my cram school on Sunday for more catching up on courses.

Anyways, I'll try to update when I can. I miss Canada. I miss my friendssssssssss. Heck, I miss English. As thought, it's pretty hard to have classes in Chinese.

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